Professional Commercial Photographer Dublin

If you are looking for commercial photographers or video creators in Dublin, Leinster Photography is a professional company, servicing business with commercial photography and video needs since 2010. We are located conveniently in Dublin City Centre, and we also have a studio close to Ashbourne in Co. Meath. We work for numerous clients that include Estate Agents, Advertising and printing companies, FMCG, Visitor attractions and the food and hospitality sector. Check out some of our portfolio galleries to see the variety of photo and video work from the different business areas we service.

Welcome to Leinster Photography & Video – for all Commercial Photography Dublin

We have a team of commercial photographers and videographers with over 50 years of experience between them. We specialise in the provision of quality images and video for various media that will help tell your story at a reasonable cost. Need a quote today? Please drop us an email or phone call and let’s see what we can do for your business. We are very responsive and will get back to you the same day. We are fully insured and use the most up to date equipment and technologies, including online galleries to deliver proofs etc. We provide large format photo printing and framing for customers who like to get work printed for display in offices. We offer affordable large runs of smaller photographic prints which customers sometimes need for clients.

A picture paints a thousand words, so it makes sense for your business to use quality images that help to sell your products. Commercial photography will help you showcase the uniqueness of your products or services and therefore give you the edge you require in today’s competitive marketplace. We don’t need to tell you about this as you are probably acutely aware of this in your business with the current pandemic.

Professional & Commercial Photography Dublin

Architecture, Property & Interiors Photography
Leinster Photography offers property photography for the residential and commercial property sector as well as the building and construction sector. We have experience working in-house in one of the largest estate agents in Dublin, so we are familiar with the particular needs of this sector.
We can arrange the staging of properties where the need arises. Some clients like this to help in the production of the highest possible quality images. We can tailor for different budgets and demands, and we offer packages to estate agents so they can get many properties covered for a set price. The same offer applies to videos tours for properties, so please get in touch to find out about pricing for these offers.
We offer interior and exterior 360 degrees video tours which can help showcase your business or properties in an immersive way to potentials customers and buyers. Virtual tours and videos of your property are going to be very beneficial with COVID 19 restrictions set to continue in the next year or so.
Food & Product Photography for Hospitality & FMCG
We love food, so we also relish working on commercial food photography shoots for our customers. We can set up a shoot in your premises if necessary or create product & food setups in our studio.
Our Meath studio has an adjacent large kitchen and can accommodate products shoots as well as food styling for photography and video. You can see images from our food and product portfolio in the galleries page.
Sharp commercial photography is essential if you are embarking on the journey of selling online for the first time. The COVID 19 economy means more products and services need to available, marketed and delivered online, so contact us today if you would like a consultation about the images you need to make your products stand out from the crowd.
Corporate Headshots
We specialise in corporate headshots for both executives and teams of employees. Do you want to keep your staff on location? We can set up a mobile studio in your business’s boardroom or office to save time and also create environmental portraits if that’s what you require. We recognise that your people are generally your number one asset. Therefore, we work with you and your staff to make you feel at ease and achieve the most natural images of your business.
Environmental portraits can be a little less formal than studio headshots, so they offer an excellent alternative to typical headshots. You also have the option to choose to get both styles of photography on the same day. We can showcase your office/business setting in these shots too. We offer pre-shoot visits where these options can be discussed and reviewed meaning you get the package that best fits your needs.
Whichever style of professional portrait you prefer, we can produce well lit and naturalistic headshots for you and your staff.
Leinster Photography Digital Video Production
The benefits of using online video for your business
If the picture paints a thousand words, then video, animation and motion graphics paint 1 million words, which is why we recommend our prospective clients use video as part of their marketing strategy.
We have been producing web animation and digital videos at Leinster Photography as long as we have been in business.
Cost-effective video solutions
We pride ourselves in offering cost-effective solutions tailored to the communication needs and budgets of SME’s who want to use video and sound to help tell their story. From storyboarding to motion graphics & voice over production, we can offer the full range of services to get your brand and message effectively online.
Business branding and videos
Apart from videos being a tool to help increase sales and demonstrate products or services, they are also a brilliant Marketing and PR tool which can raise the profile of your business, especially online and concerning Google and SEO.
Your business has a personality which is your brand, and how this personality is perceived can be significantly enhanced using online videos or animation. Videos can display the character of your business in a casual way which allows customers to get to know your culture and ethos. Customers like the feeling that there is not a “hard sell” underway, which we can achieve with docu-style or behind the scenes videos, for example.
Videos to explain your business
When your business wants to let potential customers know what it is that you do or sell, a video is always going to be more engaging than reams of copy or text or static images for that matter. A well-made video can catch a potential customer’s attention and draw them in a way that is appropriate to your business’ brand. You will be able to convey the information you want to communicate in a much more exciting way with video. Using explainer videos, you can generally summarise to potential customers with clarity and personality what your service, product or business is. Getting a business video across to viewers is usually possible in about 60-120 seconds. Brevity is essential nowadays, especially with poor attention, spans that now exist online.
Digital video for social media 
Videos for social is the number one area of demand for corporate promotional videos in 2020. Mobile smartphones are most often now how customers are likely to view your videos online. Videos for Facebook and Instagram can be an essential part of the marketing mix for a lot of business in 2020.
The ability for customers to interact and engage with your video content is hugely valuable. It can be measured using metrics which will allow you to see results and put a value on the marketing spend for your video campaign. The ability for organic growth and the ‘like and share’ culture makes video ideally suited to this new delivery platforms for your message.
Product demo videos
Customers truly love the ability to see a product in real-world use, and this is another case where digital video shines. Complicated products are sometimes hard to show customers in use, but well-made video can make it easy to digest. The use of a product in a video allows the customer to imagine themselves using it real life. Demo videos thus help with the conversion of potential customers into actual customers.

Training and learning videos

Training videos have been used traditionally as a convenient way of getting new staff trained up on company procedures and policies.
Existing and new workers get up to speed conveniently and cost-effectively using video training. It is especially true now with COVID 19 and the need to train remotely. Training videos can speak to new staff in a way that gives insights into the culture and personality of a business.
They can be re-used and represent excellent value for money over several years of use in training.
We also produce software training tutorials and learning videos in the further education sector in response to the COVID 19 lockdown.
Event Video Production Services
We can document your festival or conference event with our video production services. We can cover a multitude of activities anywhere in Dublin and Leinster, with guaranteed professional video and audio quality. We have experience in reality television and understand the processes involved in large productions and the staging of events.

Interview & talking head videos

Corporate interviews and testimonials video productions can be a useful tool for small business online and marketing videos. We can set up and record these in our studio or set up in your business as per our corporate environmental portraiture. These interviews can communicate messages which are less direct and more nuanced in general business terms.

Food & Product videos

As per the photographic services we offer for products and food, we can create bespoke videos for these areas. If you require product demos or 360 videos to showcases your products, we can direct, shoot and edit to music or voiceover.
Animation & Motion Graphics
If you are seeking an explainer video as a way to communicate your message to your customers. We can service your need for 2D and whiteboard drawing animations. We work on treatments and storyboards for these types of videos and help your concept come to life. Explainer animations allow us to create imaginatively without the limitations of locations and talent, which is a consideration with the current pandemic. Complicated ideas can be communicated with much smaller budgets using the whiteboard explainer style.
We offer a one-stop-shop for storyboarding, script, voice over, sound effects and post-production. We have expertise in delivery for the various social media platforms.

Timelapse & Construction Video

We can cater for long-duration timelapse projects which can go beyond a year. We have experience in this area and have worked on some large construction timelapse projects spanning over 12 months. Timelapse footage is a useful visual tool for demonstration in storytelling and adds value when cutting with your regular video shots.
Corporate and online video for the SME’s
Corporate videos used to be the preserve of companies and businesses with larger marketing budgets. With the advent of more affordable HD, 4K cameras and post-production solutions, the SME can now avail of broadcast quality videos and productions with costs which were formerly much higher. Vimeo & Youtube have also democratised the streaming of video content and provided a marketing and embedding platform for the SME’s online video.
Instructional & eLearning video
We are involved in the education sector and creating remote
video learning content is more and more essential with the COVID 19 pandemic distancing rules.
We can design and create quality, e-learning training videos and content for your business or institution. We have skills and experience in Multimedia course design as well as graphic design for instructional videos. We will source and provide professional vo artists, actors and content experts if necessary. We also shoot using HD and 4k Videos for the highest resolution possible for delivery to staff or trainees.
Our COVID Policies
We adhere strictly to best practices and guidelines for social distancing while working out in the field or with clients. We utilise PPE and take the necessary precautions to mitigate the risks associated with working on photo or video shoots during the pandemic. Please contact us if you would like more info regarding COVID 19 practices.